How to Tastefully Incorporate a Key Antique Piece into your Home

There are different types of antiques especially from Asia (China mostly) that can be incorporated into achieving that unique interior look in your home. The world of design and interior home décor is rapidly changing hence the need to learn the best and latest ways you can have your house get that Asian look. So how do you define your home to get that awesome look?

You need to begin by assessing the furniture and different antiques that are already in your home. Sort them one after the other and retain what your house needs. De-clutter your living room to get more space that will enable you place different antiques at the right place. You can as well decide which color suits your room but do not paint it black because black color is associated with depression and limited thinking in Feng Shui. You can choose to paint the walls with colors like yellow or light blue. Some colors usually create that extra ‘negative’ space that your room needs. K. Ann Brizolis, who specializes in Rancho Santa Fe luxury homes, says many of her most discerning clients hire professional interior designers to help them craft a look that works with existing furniture, bridging the historic and the modern.

The different rooms in your home should be well defined according to their uses. For instance, your living room’s décor should not be the same as your bedroom or meditation room. As you arrange your rooms to suit their uses, you need to understand that the fireplace, windows, entrances and ceiling level are the main focal points of your rooms’ architecture.

After defining your rooms as per their different uses you will now need to have the furniture or things you feel good being around you. Arrange them in your favorite room while sticking to the Feng Shui arrangement principles.

The art you select should complement the natural décor common with many Asian homes. Creation of an Asian-like fusion in your home entails sticking to the interior design looks that are recommended by majority of Asian cultures. You can choose to place a statue of your favorite Buddha at a designated point away from room traffic so that your room can make a statement about its look.


Use shelves to show the collection of Asian antiques you own. Place that valuable and beautiful jade collection on your shelve space to match with your home environment. Shelves are not only made for books and your library stuff, you can also arrange some of the rare and sizeable pottery collection on those shelves. Make your home achieve Asian fusion in-terms of appearance and arrangement. Your antiques should match with the color of your room. The antiques you display on your shelves will have an impact on the palette of your home, so it is important to display your antiques in a manner that will help you achieve that great look.

Pine Chinese cabinet

You can have the inside of your cabinet painted with a light green color and arrange your cutlery and crockery inside such that the background of the cabinet from the inside matches with your kitchen. A kitchen painted yellow or golden will go well with your pine Chinese cabinet.

Chinese saddle chairs

When arranged around a table, these glowing Chinese chairs bring the best Asian look into your home. Your chair and the table chosen should be able to match with the interior color of the room. The room can either be well lit with bright colors or the natural light which would mean large windows to allow enough light.