How to Find the Best Asian Antiques for Your Home

Apart from being famous for their rich culture, Asian countries are also known for manufacturing some of the best antiques in the whole world. Asian furniture has penetrated into many global markets due to its durability and beauty. Asia has produced some of the world’s most beautiful antique furniture that is currently in high demand especially in many western countries, and around the world. This is especially true in California, home to famous celebrities who often put up multiple residences throughout Southern California. Their opulent decorated homes often import their luxurious furniture and art from Asian countries. Many high-end neighborhoods are now seeing these kinds of developments. From  waterfront estates in Malibu to tasteful mansions at The Crosby, more and more luxury home owners are choosing to incorporate Asian influences into their interior decor.

Driven by their loyalty and love for their culture, Asian countries are proud of their culture and decadent art, as it is of a sturdy and durable quality, fit for a luxurious home. When looking for the best Asian antique furniture, there are certain key tips you need to know so that you can be able to find the best. Classical Asian furniture embraces the great craftsmanship and artistry that is very common with some cultures across this great continent. For instance, ancient Chinese furniture comprised of beds, chairs and stools which had their unique design mostly identified among the Chinese people. So how can you find the best Asian antiques for your home?

You need to do a detailed research on what you want to buy. There are many replicas out there waiting for people to buy them at almost the same price of original Asian antique furniture. You need to have a closer look at aspects that can help you verify the authenticity of any Asian antique furniture. Look at the tone or color of the furniture before purchasing because it might be helpful. Is that furniture made from the material most Asian antique furniture is made from?

For instance Tibetan furniture is one of the best Asian antique furniture that can be found in different stores in Asia. These beautiful pieces from Tibet enable any purchaser to get in touch and appreciate Asian culture.




Tibetan Prayer Table

Tibetan prayer table is one of the unique furniture that you can have in your home and appreciate this great and ancient culture from the Tibet region. They are hand painted Buddhist prayer tables that symbolize the way Tibetan monks prayed and their religious culture.


Tibetan Trunks

Used by monks in 1244, Tibetan trunks are one of the antique furniture by Tibetan artists during the Sange monasteries. They are made of cedar which the Tibetan people knew as Choyon in the early centuries and identify the same with their rich culture across the world.


Chinese Lacquerware Table

Most of Chinese furniture is made from rosewood which is a hardwood tree species. For example Chinese Lacquerware table was first made during the Ming dynasty using some of the best rosewood trees of that time giving it the rare quality always associated with this table.

When arranging some of the Asian antique furniture, it is important to have a circular formation of chairs around the table while avoiding giving your back to the main entrance for Feng Shui purposes.

Your bed should be arranged in such a way that it does not get aligned with the entrance into the room because it can interfere with the flow of energy. All in all it is important to arrange your home furniture while ensuring Feng Shui principles are adhered.